Workshop on QSWAT(16–17 May 2018). ...

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Workshop on SWATCUP(16–17 May 2018) ...

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Workshop on WA+(16 May 2018).The workshop will train users in efficient use of SWAT model for basin wide water accounting based on WA+ framework. ...

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Conference Topic

  • Watershed Management Modelling
  • Climate Change Applications
  • Sensitivity Calibration and Uncertainty
  • Contamination and Pollution
  • Database and GIS Application and Development
  • Sediment and Erosion Control
  • Environmental Management

About Conference


Soil and Water Assessment Tools (SWAT) is a watershed management program designed to handle complex interactions between soil,climate,and crop. The model has been used extensively around the world to study water quantity and quality and to assess the impact of climate and land use change on food and water security. 

Given the soil and water situation in Iran,this program can be a very useful tool for assessment of climate change on food and water security of Iran. For a few years now,SWAT has been used sporadically in different parts of the country. The purpose of this conference/workshop is to bring the SWAT users of Iran together to learn from each other’s experiences and to compile the databases used in different projects with the hope of creating a National Iranian Database of soil,land use,and climate. This first SWAT conference is organized with the cooperation of the Water and Wastewater department of the Isfahan University of Technology and the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology,Eawag.